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2020 Spring Umpire & Training

2020 Spring Umpire Training and Registration
CYA Little League Spring Season Umpire Training & Registration
- Register as an umpire for the Spring 2020 Season if you wish to be considered for umpire assignments
- Register for training
When:   Classroom Session Sunday March 8th, 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Franklin Middle School
               Field Session will be conducted on a Sunday in either late March or early April (date TBD)
Who:     All those interested in umpiring for CYA Little League, including adults and former players ages 12 and up
We have increased our pay for our youth umpires this year - $50 for the plate and $40 for the field!
Managers and coaches, as well as parents are encouraged to attend.  Each team should have one parent who has undergone umpire training to step in to umpire a game if an umpire is unavailable.
Parents, umpire with your kids – it’s a lot of fun and you get to spend time on the field working with your kids as a team!
Please try to arrive 15 minutes early so we can ensure we start on time.
We’ll cover the basics of umpiring, both behind the plate and in the field.  We’ll review common baseball rules, umpire positioning, and spend the majority of the training on the field.  We’ll also review how to request games, how to get paid, and your responsibilities as a CYA Little League Umpire.
Umpires will receive an umpire shirt, hat, Little League Umpire Patch, Rule Book, ball bag, ball/strike indicator, and plate brush.
All new umpires must attend the classroom and field training sessions.  Training is optional for returning umpires, but highly encouraged.  

Mark your calendars now.   There is only one classroom session.

If you are an adult and unable to register - you are likely missing a DoB in your account. Log in and enter your DoB.

All adult umpires are subject to a background check through theLittle League background check provider JDP.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Tom DeFranco, CYA Little League Umpire-in-Chief at uic@cyall.org.


Opened: 01/29/2020