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Field Mechanics Manual - 60' Diamond

Look at the  Master Calendar to se what games need umpires


Post Game Reporting

On-Line Game Report - bookmark this so you can submit after your game. We hope to transition from paper form to on-line game reports.

You may maintain a paper game log.
Please print the game log and bring it with you to your games and have a manager sign after your game.



Payments will be processed at the end of the season.

How to Receive Pay

Keep up with post-game reporting. Filing on-line game reports is quicker turnaround than paper form. We try to pay monthly.


Log into the Umpire Area, click on the My Schedule option.

Once on my schedule, you can view your games, and, from the Options at the top, you can select "Add to Google Calendar", which provides an iCal address you can add to their Google Calendar - as well as other options.


To automatically have your iPhone calendar show your games that you're signed up to umpire:

1.  From the Safari Browser, go to the CYA baseball website at cyabaseball.leag1.com
2.  In the upper right, tap "Log In" and on the next screen, enter your username and password and tap "Sign In"
3.  Now that you're logged in, tap "Home" in the upper left and in the menu that appears, tap "Full Site"
4.  Once the full site is shown, on the left hand menu bar, tap "Umpire Area"
5.  Once the Umpire Screen appears, tap "My Schedule" on the upper right hand side (below the title bar)
6.  Once the My Schedule Screen appears, tap "Options" on the upper right hand side (it's in the same location as "My Schedule" was on the previous screen)
7.  You should now see a pull down menu, tap "Subscribe to Calendar"
8.  In the iOS pop-up box that appears, tap "Subscribe"
9.  In the next iOS box, click "View Events" and you'll see your calendar with the games that you're assigned


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