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Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our league.

 "The outcome of a game will never outlive the pride of belonging, the experience of playing, the friends and the fun. The essence of Little League is the people, their communities, and the everlasting bond between them."

2022 CYA LL Board of Directors

CYA Little League held its annual membership meeting on November 10th and by acclamation appointed a new board of directors.  The board then met on November 15th and elected officers to their positions for the 2022 season.


Please join us in thanking the outgoing members of the board who have volunteered countless hours over the years to the CYA baseball community - Rob Fitzhugh, Tom DeFranco, Caroline Kelley and Shawn Cochran.


CYA Little League 2022 Board of Directors


Sean Collins

Vice President

Frank Nava


Jon Scheid


Ed Sammler

Player Agent

Mike Edwards

League Information Officer/Registrar

Daniel Shyu

Director of Field Maintenance

Carmen Giannini 

Marketing/Public Relations Manager

Nathan Perkins

Equipment Manager

Johnny Taggart

Coaching Coordinator / Travel Coordinator

Dave Mezzetti


Jay Rose

Secretary/Nationals “Team Up” Liason

David Johnston

Player Pitch Coordinator

Steven Canavan

Tee Ball / Coach Pitch Coordinator

Scott Dowling

Machine Pitch Coordinator

Tom Phillips

Challenger Coordinator

Joseph Waterman

Director of Fundraising

Nick Rhodes


Sergio Martinez

by posted 11/21/2021
How is Field Status Determined?

If games are moved or canceled due to field closure, you will receive a notification by email (or text if you set your account up for text messages). You can configure your notification settings by signing in, then click on "Edit My Account". 

Each weekday, the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA)  determines playability of all Fairfax County Park fields (based on FCPA personnel in-person observations) and posts athletic field status by 3PM. If FCPA closes a field, nobody should use that field and if it has lights, they will not work when park is posted as closed.

FCPA does not post field status for Fairfax County Public Schools fields. FCPA does not post status of the field at St Veronica.

Sometimes, as full adopters of Chantilly Park, we are allowed to open Chantilly Park when FCPA would normally close it. In the past year, this has been much more difficult to accomplish.

If/where/when we can, we will try to check conditions at school fields and StV. We can’t always get out or get someone else to go check a field. On a sunny day, we’re likely to assume the field is in good shape and we’ll post it as open. On a more questionable day, or the day after a field was closed, if nobody has reported to us, we will post the field as “TBD” – so that after 3:15 PM it is up to the managers of the teams scheduled to practice or play. This is also referred to as “Manager Decision” or “Game Time Decision”.

We try to update our status by 3PM. It’s safest to wait until about 3:15 to check field status. We're at work during the day, just like you, and aren't always able to check on the fields. One of the best things about the our website is that the field status page is quick and easy to update. The bad thing is we can’t add any text to the page to explain anything and there’s no date/time stamp to know when it was last updated. When possible, we’ll update Facebook and post a message on the front page of the website.

Field status may change after 3:15 PM  if we get updated reports of field conditions or weather comes in later..

Everyone needs to follow the general guidelines below for determining field status…

Please keep in mind that just because it’s raining where you work or live, does not mean a field will be closed.

Open - Green = field is open and available for use

Closed - Red = field is closed an nobody should use any part of it

TBD - Orange = Before 3:15 PM - field status has not been updated, after 3:15 PM (or on a weekend) it is up to the manager to determine field status.

Even when fields are "OPEN" it is everyone's responsibility to assess the condition upon arrival. If the field is not playable, don't step on it.

If standing water or foot prints, stay off...

You must be able to rake/drag field and actually do so after use. If it’s too wet, you just cannot rake or drag.

Managers – re: “Manager Decision” status, use the guidelines below to determine playability. Use common sense please.

Field Status Checklist...

All managers are encouraged to assess field conditions upon arrival at any open field.                      

You should not play on a baseball field if any of the following conditions exist:

·   There is standing water on any portion of the field.

·   The sound of a footstep (squish-squish) can be heard while walking on the field.

·   While standing on the field, water can be observed gathering around the sole of the foot.

·   While walking (not running) across a grass portion of the field, a footprint is left in the soil (not just the grass bending over).

·   While walking (not running) on any dirt portion of the field, an impression ½” or deeper is made in the soil.

DO NOT rake mud or sweep puddles into the grass.

DO NOT dig trenches to remove standing water.

DO NOT use Turface or any quick-dry material unless you have received authorization to do so.

by posted 03/24/2021

CYA Little League wishes good luck to our TEAMUP Uniform program partner Washington Nationals in the MLB 2019 World Series!
To get free tickets to watch parties at Nationals Park check out: www.nationals.com/watchparty

by posted 10/22/2019
John Lesch - a 2019 Sully District Champion of Character


John Lesch has been selected by the Fairfax County Athletic Council and the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) as a 2019 Sully District Champion of Character.

The awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 1 October 2019 at the Fairfax County Government Center, located at 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035.

There will be a reception with light hors d’oeuvres starting at 6:00 pm, followed by a 7:00 pm ceremony. There will be members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, the School Board, and the Athletic Council present at the ceremony. 
Keynote Speaker: Mr. Erik Moses, President of the new XFL Washington Football Team.

We encourage friends, players, coaches, and more to come out and honor John as Leslie accepts this award on his behalf.


by posted 09/17/2019


From: https://positivecoach.org/the-pca-blog/8-things-sports-parents-should-know/


by Kyle McBrain


These thoughts are my own...

During my coaching career, I have had positive relationships with nearly all of my athletes’ parents. The majority of them are so helpful, kind, and supportive of the team and coaches. This post is not meant to give the idea that coaches are perfect. Believe me; I have made more mistakes than I can count.

This is for the 5% of parents that cause 95% of the issues...

1. We do play favorites (No, we don't care what your last name is)

That’s right. We do. My personal favorites are the players that have a great work ethic, are intelligent players, will do whatever it takes to help the team, and of course display athleticism and talent.

2. Yelling tips and instructions to your child from the stands does not help at all

I know we think if we give our child that one last tip before he goes up to bat, he will surely get that big hit. Unfortunately, this only causes the player to think about something other than the task at hand. This is more detrimental than anything else.

3. Lack of playing time does not mean that the coach does not like your kid

Some of my fondest memories of coaching come from players that didn’t start for me. Please realize that most coaches love all of their players. Unfortunately, in life, some people are better at certain things. This does not mean that your child is a failure. It definitely does not mean that coach loves your child less than the starters.

4. At times, less is more

In this age of select teams and travel ball burnout has become an issue. The children play way too many games throughout their youth. By the time they get to junior high or high school, they are burned out and do not enjoy the sport.

5. Focusing on one sport does not help your child earn scholarships

Let’s be honest. The chances of getting a college scholarship are slim. Not impossible, but also not likely for the majority of high school athletes. 
This is the most common excuse when deciding not to play a sport. “I’m going to focus on _____________”. Whatever sport your child is quitting will actually help them to become a better all-around athlete. The majority of professional and college athletes were multi-sport athletes in high school. They played more than one sport, and look where it got them.

6. Stop living through your child, and let them enjoy their own experiences

Everyone wants their child to be successful. However, living vicariously through your child can make his or her experience with sports very uncomfortable for everyone. Here are some signs that you are living through your child:

1) If you care more about your child’s statistics or playing time than if the team won or lost.

2) If you treat your child differently after a win or a loss.

3) If you constantly feel the need to undermine a coach because your child is not playing as much as you would like.

7. It is ok that your child has failures

Failure and dealing with failure are HUGE lessons to learn in life. If you give your child the proper tools to deal with failure in sports, this will greatly benefit him or her in the future. Making excuses or always blaming the coach for your child’s failures is merely setting them up for problems down the road. Everything that goes wrong or doesn’t work out will be somebody else’s fault.

8. Our family members are in the stands while you are bashing "the coach"

This one may bother me most of all. As a three-sport coach, I spend a lot of time away from my amazing wife and daughter. WE have made a sacrifice so that I can pursue my coaching career. That means that my time away from my family is devoted to working with your children to help them become better athletes and most of all better people. The least you can do is know who is around you while you are making these comments.


  • Kyle McBrain is an experienced high school baseball and girls basketball coach. He has 8 years experience coaching baseball and 7 years experience coaching girls basketball at Staunton High School (Staunton, IL). Kyle played two years of baseball at Lewis & Clark Community College and two years at Millikin University.

by posted 10/01/2017
Play Ball Mobile Coach

Major League Baseball and USA Baseball are pleased to offer the Play Ball Mobile Coach Application. Play Ball Mobile Coach, which is free to all users, features the ability for baseball coaches at all levels to plan practices using drills supplied in the application through the practice planning function. The app also includes information related to Pitch Smart, including guidelines, resources, and pitch counting features. Additional tools and resources are also included, and more features will be added over time.

The Play Ball Mobile Coach app features the following:

  • Mobile interface downloadable from the Apple and Android application stores
  • Drill library with baseball specific drill documents and videos
  • Ability for coaches to create practice plans using the drill documents and videos
  • Pitch Smart pitch counter that allows coaches to enter players and their ages and keep track of pitch counts
  • Additional tools and resources including a stopwatch and more
  • Download for iOS at the Apple Store
  • Google Play for Android

by posted 09/04/2015
Upcoming Games
Field Status Updated~3PM Daily
Chantilly Park 1 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/20) 
Chantilly Park 2 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/20) 
Chantilly Park 3 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/20) 
Chantilly Park Cage 1 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/20) 
Chantilly Park Cage 2 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/20) 
Franklin MS - Chantilly CLOSED (11/15) 
Greenbriar Park 2 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/12) 
Greenbriar Park 3 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/12) 
Oak Hill ES 1 - Herndon CLOSED (9/1) 
Oak Hill ES 2 - Herndon CLOSED (9/1) 
Oak Hill ES 3 - Herndon CLOSED (9/1) 
Poplar Tree Park Field 6 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/12) 
Poplar Tree Park Field 7 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/12) 
Rocky Run MS Field 1 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/15) 
Rocky Run MS Field 2 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/15) 
Rocky Run MS Field 3 - Chantilly CLOSED (11/15) 
Sully Highlands 3 - Herndon CLOSED (11/12) 
Sully Highlands 4 - Herndon CLOSED (11/12) 
Sully Highlands Cage 1 - Herndon CLOSED (11/12) 
Sully Highlands Cage 2 - Herndon CLOSED (11/12) 
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