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How to Lock a KNAACK Storage Box
by posted 09/18/2017

I realize that most folks aren’t really familiar with locking up a jobsite box, so here’s what you need to do to lock up a KNAACK storage box at Sully Highlands Park or Poplar Tree Park (and eventually GB and CP).

  1. Make sure that the left side latch is in the “UNLATCHED” position and the right latch is in the “OPEN” position.
  2. Lower the lid so that it goes all the way down – might need to nudge the ramp section in a little.
  3. Slide the left side latch to “LATCHED” and slide the right latch into the “Closed” or “LATCHED” position.
  4. Make sure the padlock combo is set and push it in – you may have to slightly alter the angle – you will clearly know when it has been pushed far enough (it won’t pop back) and then you spin the combo. I usually push with two fingers – one on each edge of the padlock so as not to spin the dial while pressing in.
  5. Check that the box is secured by trying to slide the left latch to “UNLATCHED” (it shouldn’t) and try lifting the lid up from the handle (it shouldn’t).

You have to do things in this order. The lock will only lock if the latch is slid into the latched position first. The latch in the open position blocks the lock from closing. When properly locked, the padlock actually blocks the latch from moving to the open position.

Conversely, to open the box…

  1. Set the combination and push the lock in – it should pop back when unlocked
  2. Slide the left latch to “UNLATCHED”, slide the right latch to “OPEN”
  3. Lift the handle on the lid straight up

Here’s a link to a quick video showing how to unlock: http://chantillybaseball.org/Docs/UnlockBox.mp4

Here’s a link to a quick video showing how to lock: http://chantillybaseball.org/Docs/LockBox.mp4

Hope this helps.

We appreciate everyone’s help in securing our equipment boxes.

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PLEASE Turn Off Field Lights
by posted 10/13/2016

Last one to leave the field(s) needs to turn off the lights at Chantilly Park, Sully Highlands, and Greenbriar Park. We actually pay the electric bill at Chantilly Park, so driving by at 9:30 at night seeing all the lights on at CP knowing nobody was there for 30-40 minutes (or more) means we are wasting energy and money. So, if nobody is on the field, please turn off the lights.

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